About Us

Thank you for visiting Home Sweet Cooking – a cooking class for those who are interested in learning how to cook Japanese meals in English. With hopes that you will enjoy the many activities that are prepared in Japan, we are proud to introduce our class of fine Japanese cooking.
Learn directly from our professional Chef Instructors.
All our courses are carefully thought out by our professional Chefs, who have experience cooking Japanese, French, Italian, and Chinese.
Our courses are created for Beginners in cooking to accomplished cooks who want to further improve their skills from chefs in Japan. 
The types of food are from Japanese home cooked meals to Japanese cuisine, all of which are originally created to be made at home.

About the Owner

Hi, I`m Hiromi. Due to living in NY during my childhood years, eating both American and Japanese food was nothing special. I grew up eating pizza and bagels practically every day and at the same time, I had Japanese food at the table. Now that I am living in Japan, I`d like to let you know that there`s tons more to Japanese food than sushi and tempura. I`d like to make your stay in Japan worthwhile by having you break that image and learn how there are a variety of delicious meals that you yourself can easily make! It doesn`t have to be a one-time only adventure. I will show you the techniques so that you can go back home and become the chef of Japanese food!

You can also visit Hiromi interpreting for traditional Japanese desserts at Sukenari Yoko Cooking Art Seminar.
To introduce some of our guests who came are…

Guests from Australia and Indonesia
Guest from Hong Kong
Guests from Korea and Australia